MedSailors Croatia

Medsailors Lola Photography blog_093.jpg

Well I can't begin to tell you the pain I felt selecting these photo's for today's blog. I had to keep taking breaks whenever the urge to completely go "f*ck it I'm going back right now" reared it's ugly head. MedSailors was undoubtedly one of our absolute favourite weeks out of 3 months of travel. If you are going to Croatia you honestly need to do a sail. It is the best way to see a large chunk of the Croatian Islands and make amazing new friends.

MedSailors was the absolute bomb (whaaaaat I haven't used that as an adjective since I was like 12 but I'm rolling with it.) What I wouldn't give to be back on our boat Spinoza with our skipper Mike sailing the clear warm waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Now I'm certainly not here to bag on any of the other sails around Croatia because you would undoubtedly have an amazing time on anything you choose in this beautiful country. But if you're a little like me and want your trip to be more chilled and personal, MedSailors is for you. We had the perfect balance of chilling and partying without being 'far out I can't human anymore' hung over. Seriously, who the shit wants to be hung over on a fricken boat?! Other sailing companies, that's who.  Whilst I can see the allure of a party boat, I can see that it would get old very quickly. Much like my Australian pillow carrying friend I met on the way to the beach in Hvar, who was desperately looking for some shade and quiet to get some sleep away from her cray cray boat. Poor wee dot. Omg do I sound old? Wow I read this back and I sound really old. What happened to meeeeeeeeeeee. Ha who am I kidding. I'm sitting here in my track pants with a glass of wine writing this. Being an adult rules.

We had a total of 8 people on our boat, learnt the basics of sailing and pretty much got to choose what we wanted to do and where we wanted to go each day. It meant that we spent our breakfasts & lunch times sitting in private bays without another boat in sight. I mean who doesn't want a whole lot of this to themselves on a Wednesday morning?

We were then free to explore each town every evening to sample local cuisine, hit the bars and talk shit with our new mates. So without further adieu, please enjoy this visual journey of one of the best weeks of my life, topped off with a traditional Croatian feed at the Hora vineyard in Stari Grad. Wine, amazing food and a whole bunch of farm animals in a warm golden sunset. Dreamy. It's another typically long one from me I'm afraid, so put the kettle on and get settled in.