This July I was fortunate enough to go on another overseas adventure with the amazing Chris McLennan. We were there to shoot a number of hotels and resorts in the Mamanuca Islands. Chris has been to Fiji more times than he can count over the past 20 years, so knows how to play it cool. Me on the other hand; I was an over excited child losing my shit at the warm waters and balmy nights.

During our 2 week stay in Fiji, New Zealand had some redic cold weather, some of which made its merry way up to the Islands. Their idea of jeans and hoodie weather is a sweet 18 degrees at night. So while the Fijians were losing their minds at how cold they thought it was, I was frolicking around in shorts and t-shirt being all like "lol it's so hot."

Working along side Chris is always such a privilege; he is always sharing great advice, amazing photos, hilarious stories and travel tips for everywhere in the world. On this trip I also got to see his drone in action which aids Chris in producing such incredible shots and angles you just cannot achieve in a chopper - check out his Facebook page to see his drone shots here!

I developed an unhealthy obsession with geckos during my time in Denarau. I find them ridiculously adorable and I like their skin. Not weird. I almost caught a really big one. I named him Gareth. 

Shoot locations: Denarau, Matamanoa Island, Tokoriki Island. Incredible food from Flying Fish Resturaunt at Sheraton Tokoriki! #drrooooolll

Huge thanks to Billabong New Zealand for some sweet gears that served me proper well in this amazing tropical playground. Also shout out to the boat I fell off trying to get onto the beach on Tokoriki. RIP iPhone 5s. If it wasn't for my Dakine camera bag, it would have been game over for my Nikon too! I'm not proud to admit agility levels were at an all time low that day.

Hope you enjoyed heaps of photos of my feet. I need adventure friends to maintain the standard of my fotofoto. Otherwise it's just like... what can I point my camera at when I'm alone? Feet. Because they are in front of me when I'm sitting down. And it's totes Instagram to have pics of your feet in cool places. Also managed the odd water celfie. But let's be real, that shit ain't easy with a chunky DSLR.

I also got to be a water sports model. Check out some wicked cool shots by Chris below. Rad being the subject in some cool pics for once. A++ would model again.

Oh yeah, and I got married. Love you Renie.