Our Retreat with Kathmandu

So I made it a bit of a goal this summer to go and visit some epic little spots within an hour of Auckland. With the help of Kathmandu, we found ourselves in a couple of prime beach front locations. I think people forget that it's not hard to pop off on an epic little mission. I often get asked how we manage to get out and do "cool shit" all the time, and I can honestly say it's just what you make of your days. If you want to get out there an live it up in this beautiful country of ours. Do it. Finish work at 5, to the beach by 6, surf, home by 10. Don't wait for the weekend yo, or you'll be waiting your whole damn life.

Our first spot was Pakiri. One of my fave summer spots for a wave and all sorts of summer goodness #somuchroomforactivities. The beach is covered with fine white sand and lined with huge mature Pohutakawa trees; literally perfection to chuck up a hammock and watch the surfers as the sun goes down. This Kathmandu travel hammock has fast become one of my favourite adventure essentials. Always got to double check it's in the back of the truck before we head off somewhere. There is something so relaxing about lightly swinging in a hammock with the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. Legit chill goals (seriously check out the photos below to see what I mean. I could sleep in that thing). A feed and a snooze was then followed by one of the craziest sunrises I've ever seen! Clearly one of the benefits of sleeping right by the beach is you don't have to go far to get views like the below! Then we squeezed in a quick surf and toddled off home in time for work!

Then of course a week later we decided the adventure tank was getting a bit low, so piled into the Landy for a mission to Tapapakanga. I used to visit here a bit when I was a kid, so it was so rad to get back there again! This is the spot they completely transform into Splore in February each year! Absolute beach front and straight chilled out bliss. You can book this spot through the Auckland Council website and you honestly feel like you have your own secret retreat down there. It really blows my mind that there are spots this epic so close to home. And thank the lord that tents have come as far as they have. Kathmandu hooked us up with their Retreat 80 tent that has only like 5 bits to pop it together in less than 5 minutes. I remember ye old camping times with heavy canvas tents and massive wooden poles that would take hours putting together in the hot sun and turned into a total bitch if it rained. This one is so super light and compact that we also just keep it in the back of the truck just incase a spontaneous mission pops up. It also states it's a 3 person tent, but I'm fairly certain you could fit in 4 if you didn't mind getting cosy!

Stoked on New Zealand and the inspiration from Kathmandu to get out there and literally "open your world". Any suggestions of your favourite spots close to Auckland, get inside my inbox: hello@lolaphotography.co.nz.

Yes all the above photos were taken within the Auckland region. We're not all flat white drinking, city dwelling whingers up here! Holla if you have any questions about the gear used (listed below!) Or just if you would like to join in on the next one, get at me!

- Retreat 80 3 Person Tent

- Travel Hammock (my personal fave)

- Roamer Chair

All available from http://www.kathmandu.co.nz/ 👌