Milford Sound, Fiordland

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Back in March we made the spontaneous decision to rock down to Fiordland to finally visit Milford Sound. But in a slightly different way to how most would experience it. With hunting permits to our names and hiking boots on our feet, we went full bush for the weekend. Milford Sound is more well known for tourists on big boats & scenic flights, but this place is well worth a nudge on foot/boat. With an incredible underwater world filled with seals, dolphins and the biggest crayfish you’ll ever lay eyes on, this area is well worth a hearty mission.

Exploring this phenomenal Sound by sea or air will have your eyes popping straight out of your head. I was a little concerned that I would be completely desensitised to it's beauty due to all the stunning photographs I had seen and day dreamed about over the years, but I quickly came to realise not a single image I've ever seen compares to how magnificent it is in real life. As the Māori legend goes, Fiordland was carved out by the demi-god, Tū Te Rakiwhānoa, Milford Sound (Piopiotahi) being his final and most spectacular creation. If you're a kiwi and lived here your whole life and still haven't been to see this ridiculous place, you should probably look at changing that very soon. Italy can wait. Check out your own backyard first. It's actually insane.

Setting up camp in Harrisons Cove, the below adventure ensued. For a place that rains for nearly 200 days of the year, we some how nailed a few days of baller sunshine. We had the fuggggeeenn bessst Paua and Cray I've ever had in my life on this trip. It really makes you appreciate this country when all you need is an ocean/briny deep, some kaimoana and butter & garlic for feed of a life time. I'll never forget eating Paua out of a shell-bowl, surrounded by native NZ bush while laughing away with two of the biggest bitch boys I know. Hollah to the Kiwi-Austrian Fisty, couldn't have done it without ya.

Shout out to these fellas from Real Journeys for the muffins #salty